Well, it seems this is my first post

Now, I probably should be doing the mountains of homework waiting for me at the moment. They’re there, just sitting beside my desk in my dingy backpack, while I sit hunched over, typing. And why? To create a new blog? It’s almost ridiculous, almost. But temptation has never strayed far from my side, especially when my computer is plugged in, begging to be typed on. Anyways, welcome. It’s my first post in my blog, so I guess this means I should tell you a little bit about it, or about me, specifically. My name is Nixi, no not my real name, but my pen name. One I frequently go by, but that is another story, for another time. I like food, animals, and books. Books are my best friends, I’ve moved far too much and in such a little amount of time that friends don’t come easily anymore. Books are always there for you, welcoming you in with crisp pages and the promises of a new adventure. I won’t post my age, just for the secrecy and the fact that I’m paranoid. But I’ll give you this, I’m in my teens. My parents would agree that I’m not the most positive thinker in the world, I tend to look right to the truth of anything and everything. As they say, the truth hurts. Most people don’t want to hear it. Is the glass full? Or half empty? Neither. The glass is a glass, and the liquid inside is just a liquid. You can never judge when a glass will be exactly half full/half empty. You could be a milliliter off, if even.

I must warn you in advance, I tend to stray off topic a lot. In fact, I have the attention span of a gnat, I can’t ever focus on anything. Schoolwork, homework, writing, blogging. I always want to go onto something else before I’ve finished what I’m doing. And I don’t correct or look over anything I post, my thoughts are as jumbled and mixed up as pasta. There is no clear path, and I prefer it that way. My English teacher, however, does not.

As I’ve said earlier, books are my friends, that being said, I’ll do book reviews often. And I welcome comments about what to read next, I always am on the hunt for new materials. If you ever need an idea of what to read, I’m open to discuss it with you. You can easily contact me at thisisnixi@hotmail.com. Just note, I’m not very good at checking my email, in fact, I’m horrible at it. But I’ll make an effort. Probably.


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