Currently Reading- Monday 11/5/12

Alis, by Naomi Rich

I found this book at Ollie’s, a store all about saving money. They buy items that there are extras of, and you ca get books for $2.99, even some new hardbacks. I found a book called, Alis, at this store. It sounded interesting, and when things sound interesting, they usually are. This book has not disappointed me yet.

Alis, your typical rebellious fourteen year old, refuses to marry what her parents believe to be an exceptional suitor. Instead, she longs to head for the city and get away from her parents  and their beliefs on her marriage. She finds some interesting surprises, and in a small town, she finds someone she has formed a bit of a crush on. Currently, I’m on page 122/274. Naomi Rich proves herself to be an excellent writer, her descriptives are amazing and she obviously knows what she’s doing. I hope to finish this book by this evening, once I get home from school. Have fun reading!



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