Book Review – Mystic City

Book Review – Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

Mystic City, written by Theo Lawrence was sensational! The plot lines were absolutely stunning and gripping, I couldn’t put this book down! Staged in the upper part of New York, you don’t know who the bad guys are, or the good guys for that matter. What you believe to be true, isn’t. It’s a superb read, one that I recommend and hope that you all pick up. My only suggestion would be to wait for it to come down on price, or come out in paperback. It cost me 20$ at Barnes& Nobles. I don’t regret spending the money, but it’s just a little to much, you know?

Aria Rose, an upperlevel citizen in Manhatten, has everything she has ever wanted. Or so she’s told. She can’t remember hardly anything before she overdosed on a drug. She’s engaged to Thomas, the son of another wealthy family in the upper levels, or so she’s told. She can’t remember him, or the romantics they performed. Desperate to get her memory back, and even more so to figure out the puzzle pieces she’s been missing, she goes down to the extreme. But what she finds, and who she finds, isn’t what she had in mind.

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