It’s been awhile, I apologize.

Things have been a little upside down as of late, and I haven’t been able to get on and post as I would like to. I was on vacation until yesterday afternoon, and I didn’t have wi-fi or anything of the sort, and my computer was left at home. And lucky me, I seem to have caught something. My throat hurts, I’m coughing, sometimes I can’t breathe, I’m running a fever, the list goes on. Not only am I sick, but I managed to make most of my family sick as well. Needless to say, they aren’t exactly happy with me because of that. But it’s not really my fault, so they can’t blame me. Hopefully, I’ll be up and running again by Wednesday, and I have a couple of reviews for you sometime in the next two weeks or so.
But I’m a procrastinator at heart, so you never know with me.



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