Recipe – Red Velvet Pancakes

Last night, I had to help a younger brother on a project for school. He had to do a speech on making cookies. So, being the knd, loving, and amazing sister that I am, I decided to give him some help. We made sugar cookies, and hen put marshmallows on the top of them with icing. We sprinkled little white/clear sprinkles to give it a snow-like affect. The baking of said cookies got me in the mood to bake even more things. I found that I had missed going into the kitchen to make things; cookies, cake, little treats for late-night studying. I found a recipe for red velvet pancakes, and they were sinful. It honestly should be a sin to make something so good. Though the pancakes by themselves weren’t the best, add frosting? Brilliant. It was an explosion of sweetness and sugar and vanilla. Needless to say, I ate quite a few of them.

The recipe for the pancakes:

The recipe for the icing:


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