A few books worth checking out

I’ve been looking over at my bookcase for novels to review. Basically, I found a bunch I have loved over the past six months, but none I really wanted to write a review for. So, this is me not writing a review, while writing a review. Confused yet?

GLADIATRIX by Russel Whitfield


I enjoyed it, I really did. I found it on a shelf in a goodwill store, and so I took it home, because it looked lonely. And the cover spiked my interest. . . Turns out, it was an interesting read. Lysandra, a Spartan Priestess, is taken captive when the ship she was sailing on wrecked. She is forced to fight in the arena with other woman, as a stage show before the male Gladiators do their part. She quickly climbs, never losing a fight. To lose a fight, meant death. In this novel, Russel Whitfield does an excellent job with his details, though, I don’t recommend this book to anyone under the age of seventeen. Contains mature content.

EON by Alison Goodman


For the lovers of fantasy, “dragon” fiction- Eon is the book for you. Not only does it contain stunning plot twists, but the writing is superb and you can connect easily with the main character. Eon is a boy who is training to be a dragoneye. A dragon eye holds the power of one of the twelve dragons in the Chinese calendar. Rat, Pig, Ox, Tiger, you get the idea. For each animal, is a dragon. The Rat Dragon, etc. And ever more powerful, the elusive Mirror Dragon, which hadn’t been seen in over five hundred years. This book was great, I could hardly put it down. I remember staying up to an ungodly hour just to finish it, and on a school night. I regretted it the next day during English, believe me.



The Selection is for fans of fairytale weddings, and princes. Well, not exactly. Placed after America has gone under as a County, society is ruled by a monarchy. They strictly follow the caste system, and whatever number you are is what you do. You have to be able to buy your number, or get born into it. FOr America Singer, she was born a five. And naturally, she can only do the work that fives do. When the ruling family’s son is reached mature age, he can finally seek a bride. To do this, they take a girl out of each county at “random”, and have them try and win the prince’s heart at their stay in the palace. What happens?

Even I don’t know They cut the book off, stating that it is BOOK ONE. I’m not happy about that, I wanted to see what happens, I still do. I’m very anxiously waiting until the second one comes out, but I don’t think it’ll be any time soon. Hopefully, by next year.

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Book Review – Mystic City

Book Review – Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

Mystic City, written by Theo Lawrence was sensational! The plot lines were absolutely stunning and gripping, I couldn’t put this book down! Staged in the upper part of New York, you don’t know who the bad guys are, or the good guys for that matter. What you believe to be true, isn’t. It’s a superb read, one that I recommend and hope that you all pick up. My only suggestion would be to wait for it to come down on price, or come out in paperback. It cost me 20$ at Barnes& Nobles. I don’t regret spending the money, but it’s just a little to much, you know?

Aria Rose, an upperlevel citizen in Manhatten, has everything she has ever wanted. Or so she’s told. She can’t remember hardly anything before she overdosed on a drug. She’s engaged to Thomas, the son of another wealthy family in the upper levels, or so she’s told. She can’t remember him, or the romantics they performed. Desperate to get her memory back, and even more so to figure out the puzzle pieces she’s been missing, she goes down to the extreme. But what she finds, and who she finds, isn’t what she had in mind.

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I’ll have a book review or two up tomorrow. I have the day off from school, as the administrators believe election day is a holiday. I think not, but I’m not complaining about the lack of school tomorrow. Believe me.

“Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.”

-Stephen King

This has to be one of my all time favorite quotes from him. ‘Tis true, I’m afraid. Books don’t have batteries, unlike all those e-readers. Has anyone actually purchased and fully used one of those? I had a nook for awhile, but it was such a pain, I couldn’t stand reading on it. I need to feel a book in my hands, I need to be able to touch the pages and get a feel for it. E-readers can’t do that.

What is this even about?

Oh even I don’t know. I don’t think anyone knows who they are, they just like to pretend they do. Anyways, not the point, forgive my title, I don’t know what I was thinking when I typed it. [I’m too lazy to change it into something snappy] School today was horrible, math was killer. Math is always killer when the boy who sits in front of you won’t leave you alone. Today he decided to steal my 130$ graphing calculator, and then take my pencil, and break all of the lead in that. Really, it didn’t make me in the best of moods. On top of that, I’m constantly ridiculed for what I do, and the way I do things. I’m quieter, my face always pressed in a book, and then I go to Theatre. . . . I may be bipolar with how quickly my personality changes depending on whether or not I’m in that class. Back to what I was saying above. I finally left the building when the bell rang, signaling the end of the day, almost in tears. At least I got a good mark on my math quiz, that’s all I was worried about over the weekend.

Skipping around a bit-

COME HOME. And then I realize I’ve read almost every single one of the new books I got over the weekend. So, you should be expecting some more reviews to pop up by the hundreds this week and the next. Funny, I should be replying to a RP partner, I owe her 1500+ words in a response. I’m putting it off though, I should be doing it. >.<

Book Review – Alis



Alis was an amazing book, and it met all of my expectations. Not only was it cleverly written, but the characters were divine. Alis, a fourteen year old girl, cant stand the thought of getting her husband picked by her parents. Not only was this bad enough, but her soon to be husband is three times her age, at forty. Desperate for escape, she leaves town with a friend of her mother’s. There, she finds she loves another, and when the day comes that she must return home, she leaves for the city. In hopes of making a life for herself there, she waits the rough patches out.

This novel was an amazing piece of literature that made me laugh towards the end. With amazing plot twists, things you’d never expect, this has made the list to one of my well-liked books. Granted, it wasn’t my favorite book in this world, but it wasn’t my least favorite either.  You laugh a little, cry a little, moan a little. If you’re looking for a fairly easy read, I recommend it.



Currently Reading- Monday 11/5/12

Alis, by Naomi Rich

I found this book at Ollie’s, a store all about saving money. They buy items that there are extras of, and you ca get books for $2.99, even some new hardbacks. I found a book called, Alis, at this store. It sounded interesting, and when things sound interesting, they usually are. This book has not disappointed me yet.

Alis, your typical rebellious fourteen year old, refuses to marry what her parents believe to be an exceptional suitor. Instead, she longs to head for the city and get away from her parents  and their beliefs on her marriage. She finds some interesting surprises, and in a small town, she finds someone she has formed a bit of a crush on. Currently, I’m on page 122/274. Naomi Rich proves herself to be an excellent writer, her descriptives are amazing and she obviously knows what she’s doing. I hope to finish this book by this evening, once I get home from school. Have fun reading!