Book Review – Obsidian

Book Review – Obsidian – by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This was a great book! Not only did it manage to keep me hooked, but it also managed to make me smile, which is a rare occurrence in most books. {What’s with all the gloomy books here people?} Anyways, it was a good, easy going read that I enjoyed. The plot is great, and it’s such a refresher to read an amazing fantasy novel that isn’t related to vampires. [Not that I have anything against vampire books, I just finished reading one last night. What, you ask, is it about then?
 Aliens. But don’t worry, not your typical green skinned, five eyed, three fingered aliens. I’m talking sexy aliens with very different attitudes.

Jennifer Armentrout did a great job. It has enough older content that I’m satisfied, and makes for an easy read.Her plot lines were intent, and left me breathless at times. This is certainly a one of a kind book, and I enjoyed it. Not often do I stumble across something as cool as a book about aliens, and even more rare, that I enjoy the book about aliens.
note: I try not to give too much away with these reviews. I HATE it when a review spoils a book. I like to think of my reviews as straight, truthful, and to the point. You won’t find much about plot, or about the characters, but that’s good. Read it and see for yourself.

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Book Review – Mystic City

Book Review – Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

Mystic City, written by Theo Lawrence was sensational! The plot lines were absolutely stunning and gripping, I couldn’t put this book down! Staged in the upper part of New York, you don’t know who the bad guys are, or the good guys for that matter. What you believe to be true, isn’t. It’s a superb read, one that I recommend and hope that you all pick up. My only suggestion would be to wait for it to come down on price, or come out in paperback. It cost me 20$ at Barnes& Nobles. I don’t regret spending the money, but it’s just a little to much, you know?

Aria Rose, an upperlevel citizen in Manhatten, has everything she has ever wanted. Or so she’s told. She can’t remember hardly anything before she overdosed on a drug. She’s engaged to Thomas, the son of another wealthy family in the upper levels, or so she’s told. She can’t remember him, or the romantics they performed. Desperate to get her memory back, and even more so to figure out the puzzle pieces she’s been missing, she goes down to the extreme. But what she finds, and who she finds, isn’t what she had in mind.

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Book Review – Alis



Alis was an amazing book, and it met all of my expectations. Not only was it cleverly written, but the characters were divine. Alis, a fourteen year old girl, cant stand the thought of getting her husband picked by her parents. Not only was this bad enough, but her soon to be husband is three times her age, at forty. Desperate for escape, she leaves town with a friend of her mother’s. There, she finds she loves another, and when the day comes that she must return home, she leaves for the city. In hopes of making a life for herself there, she waits the rough patches out.

This novel was an amazing piece of literature that made me laugh towards the end. With amazing plot twists, things you’d never expect, this has made the list to one of my well-liked books. Granted, it wasn’t my favorite book in this world, but it wasn’t my least favorite either.  You laugh a little, cry a little, moan a little. If you’re looking for a fairly easy read, I recommend it.